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Top Night Clubs Miami Beach

Top Night Clubs Miami Beach

It doesn't matter what you prefer in a night club, you'll find it in Miami Beach. From rock to hip-hop to EDM and even a little country, there's something for everybody here. Even the drinks come in a variety. You can enjoy bottle service with expensive champagne all the way to the typical beer in South Beach.

As one of the most popular party scenes in the entire world, South beach provides plenty of excellent night clubs. Here's a look at some of the top night clubs throughout Miami Beach.

Purdy Lounge - 1811 Purdy Avenue

A beach-side bar with plenty of fun, Purdy Lounge provides all kinds of weekly specials. From Chocolate Sundays to Ladies Night on Thursday, there's always something going on here.

FDR - 1685 Collins Avenue

Below Delano's amazing lobby, there's an intimate club with a party going on. FDR provides comfortable couches, corners to escape into and plenty of fun. Fridays include Latin hits, while Saturdays are all about the dancing. Mondays are perfect for the hip-hop kids, but you better be ready to come well dressed.

LIV - 4441 Collins Avenue

Maybe the best-known night club in Miami Beach, Live provides the party everybody wants to be at. Rolling Stone once named it as the second best place to dance in the entire country. The stage has been taken over by Lil Wayne, Calvin Harris and many others.

Sundays are a huge night for the club and you may just run into one of the biggest names in hip-hop here. If one of the many stars is in town, this is a likely spot to find them. LIV is also one of the top spots for bottle service.

Story - 136 Collins Avenue

Owned and operated by the same group as LIV, Story provides a megaclub with plenty to enjoy. It comes with a larger dance floor than LIV and provides a similar type of exclusivity. However, Story is a bit more of an underground scene for artists and music.

Treehouse - 323 23rd Street

As the underground king of Miami Beach, Treehouse is one of the best dark rooms you'll find for dancing. Quality acts are always found here and it's a fantasy party waiting to happen.

Do Not Sit on the Furniture - 423 16th Street

The peculiar name is enough to check this spot out at least once. Do Not Sit on the Furniture has become a hipster hangout at the top of the list. It's a dark, well-decorated space with strange, yet inviting lights. They always put music first and welcome anybody ready to dance.

Basement - 2901 Collins Avenue

This hideaway is found in the Edition Hotel and provides an emporium of pleasure. It's a multi-room club with a huge dance floor and plenty of incredible guest DJs. Not only can you enjoy dancing, but they also offer ice skating and bowling.

With so many great night clubs to choose from throughout the Miami Beach area, it may be hard to pick just one. Try them all and find your new favorite 

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