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Barry's Bootcamp Miami

Barry's Bootcamp - Miami Beach's Best Workout

An intense workout mixed with plenty of fun, Barry's Bootcamp is the hottest workout in Miami Beach. Just like some nightclubs, Barry's often has a line out the door waiting to get in and take on the workout from one of the celebrity trainers. Many line up in hopes of getting a front-row spot.

About Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp was founded in 1998 with the motto of providing "The Best Workout in the World." They have trained all types of A-listers from celebrities to Olympic athletes and more. The hour-long workouts combine strength training with cardio training to ensure a better workout, no matter your current fitness level.

The Workout

Used to "shock" the body, every workout follows the HIIT regimen. This regimen combines high-energy bursts with short periods of lower energy activity and a cool-down period. The HIIT regimen allows the body to burn more calories in less time, while boosting metabolism.

Every class at Barry's Bootcamp is taught by a world-class instructor. They not only lead the workout, but also provide a positive and supportive environment as they push you to break your own personal boundaries. With Barry's Bootcamp, you have the ability to burn 1,000 calories in just one hour as you enjoy thumping music and a fun environment.


Every day of the week the classes are a bit different to keep things interesting. Classes include:

·         Mondays - Arms and Abs

·         Tuesdays - Butt and Legs

·         Wednesday - Chest, Back and Abs

·         Thursday - Hard CORE Abs

·         Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Full Body

All classes are led by one of the celebrity trainers, which include Derek DeGrazio, Michelle Moore, Ivan Chorney, Rachel Robinson and more!

Other Amenities

Barry's Bootcamp isn't just about the workout. They also provide the right equipment and many additional amenities within each facility. Amenities include:

·         Free towel service

·         Large changing rooms with Digilock lockers

·         A FuelBar for post-workout protein shakes

·         Woodway treadmills, known as the finest on the market

·         Retail boutiques with a variety of Barry's collection items including performance gear

·         And More!

Barry's Bootcamp provides everything you need to ensure your workout is exactly what you expect and so much more.

Questions Often Asked by First-Timers

As a first-timer to Barry's Bootcamp, you may have a few questions. Here are the most common questions and a short answer for each.

What can I expect from a Barry’s Bootcamp class?

Expect to sweat more than you probably ever have before in your life.

Do I need to be in good shape to take a class?

No you don't. Barry's Bootcamp takes people at all fitness levels.

How should I dress for my first class?

Since you will be running, doing weight training and performing resistance training, you want to wear comfortable shoes and exercise clothes.

How much does the class cost?

The cost of the class depends on if you plan to take just one or buy a membership. However, the Miami Beach studio offers a Barry's Cherry for just $20.


If you're looking for the best workout in Miami Beach and you want to get in shape, Barry's Bootcamp is the right choice. The trainers will have you working hard as they cheer you on and you watch the fat melt away.

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